P & G Healthcare Limited

Registered in England and Wales No.14802059


P and G Healthcare Ltd. is an incoporated organisation in England & Wales. We provide qualified nurses, health care assistants and support workers to Care Homes, Hospitals, Care Centres, Assisted living accomodation centres & special Schools, Mental health units, secured accomodation facilities and homeless hostels.

We pride ourselves in providing well mannered, experienced, knowledgeable and well-trained staff, who can be trusted to carry out their duties with dignity and respect at all times.

We believe in putting the needs of our clients at the centre of any service we provide. We achieve this objective by ensuring that the right workforce is always on hand to ensure that the highest quality care can be delivered.

Most importantly, we believe in collaborating with any organisation we work with in order to deliver effective and efficient care. Our Agency seeks to do business with your Care Home/Hospital i.e. supplying you with registered nurses and support workers as required.

We offer competitive rates, which reflect the nature of our work and our expectations.


Years of Experience